Wedding in Amalfi, Le Nereidi Eventi

One of the best place in Italy for Destination Wedding Photographer is, hands down, the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi, one of the most beautiful villages on the Coast and one of the most famous and romantic locations in southern Italy, was the setting for Vincenzo and Giorgia’s wonderful Wedding. After telling you about Alice and Tania’s incredible“Same Sex Wedding” in the last article, I will show you some photographs of their Wedding in Amalfi and introduce you to one of the most enchanting locations where you can make your day even more special: Le Nereidi Eventi.

We love nature and weddings among vineyards, but we love the sea even more. So we are biased! But it is objective that the choice of getting married in Amalfi is perfect for any married couple who wants to enjoy the unique beauty of the landscape and the crystal clear sea. Quoting the famous commercial, getting married surrounded by the village’s beautiful historic churches and palaces immersed in that typical carefree and romantic atmosphere that foreigners so envy us is priceless!

Be a Destination Wedding Photographer in Amalfi? A dream for us!

When I arrive at a wedding, I don’t like to be an outsider, so I always try to get to know the bride and groom before their big day. They were great but, after all, I already knew that! I often rely on video calls, and sometimes it only takes a few minutes to connect and establish the empathy and trust that will be so important during the wedding. Our style is wedding reportage, which means documenting the wedding in a spontaneous, natural and authentic manner, without posing. To do this, I need the bride and groom to feel comfortable with us in the vicinity so they will be natural and celebrate without almost noticing our presence.

The day began with the Getting Ready in an intimate Bed & Breakfasts surrounded by nature and overlooking the sea. The makeup and dress, the last details, the toasts, the first tears, and the first emotions of the day were captured in natural and spontaneous shots and correlated by gallons of sweat. Let’s remember the heat it got in the summer of 2022.

Le Nereidi Eventi. One of the best Wedding Venue of Amalfi Coast

The ceremony was then held in the Church of Santa Maria Bambina (one of the oldest and most striking churches in Amalfi), and the reception took place a stone’s throw from the church at the Le Nereidi Eventi location enlivened by the ever and spectacular Arechi Group. This Amalfi Coast wedding venue is set against such majestic and colorful scenery that it is, hands down, one of the best choices if you want to get married in Amalfi.

Le Nereidi Eventi is a complex with a beautiful historic villa and a panoramic terrace overlooking the gulf of Amalfi (and what a bay, I would say!). It also has a luxurious pool in the center of the facility that is set up for elegant buffets and to accommodate the most anticipated event moment: the cutting of the wedding cake. One of the strengths of “Le Nereidi Eventi” is the ability to customize the terrace and poolside with decorative and floral arrangements created according to the leading theme devised by the bride and groom, or the possibility of getting married outdoors and saying the fateful “yes” before the endless spectacle of the coastline, setting the civil ceremony Right in the gardens.

Vincenzo and Giorgia’s wedding in Amalfi was an unforgettable event! A wedding here is the dream for couples form all around the world, and being a destination photographer in Amalfi is just as magical.

Photo of Couple in the center of Amalfi

Then, could a couple’s reportage shoot in the center of Amalfi, amidst tourists and characteristic colorful houses and souvenir stores, have been missing? Absolutely not! The Cathedral steps, the little tables with people sitting around eating ice cream, the stores with baskets filled up with citrus and chilies… It seems like I am writing a movie script, but I realize all this magic is genuine and not imaginary. And it’s incredibly crazy.

Be careful, however, as the traffic will also be real! In fact, more than real! So keep this in mind when you have to plan for any transfers. The small bus Le Nereidi Eventi provided for us to go downtown (and then to take us back to the restaurant) was a godsend. As a wedding photographer in Amalfi, I tried to capture every moment of the day naturally and spontaneously without posing the bride and groom. After all, posing would mean losing that magic and authenticity when you have a story in front of you made up of a thousand gestures, emotions, and people. My style of photography is based on wedding reportage, and my intent is to capture the true essence of the day, the details that escape the eyes, and, most importantly, the emotions.

Authentic Amalfi Wedding Pictures

The beauty of Amalfi was perfect for creating unique and unforgettable wedding pictures.

I captured the looks and smiles of the bride and groom, the moments of tenderness and fun, and the emotions and tears of their family and friends, making these photographs a valuable legacy for the couple.

Suppose you are planning your wedding on the Amalfi Coast as Grace and Fabrizio did with their wedding at Torre Crestarella, and you are looking for a photographer. In that case, I can 100% recommend Amalfi and the fabulous “Le Nereidi Eventi.” And last but foremost, know how to choose a photographer who can naturally and spontaneously capture your most beautiful moments naturally and spontaneously. I know how important it is to rely on a professional photographer. If you’re planning your wedding here or maybe need a destination wedding in Lake Como or somewhere else, we should definitively get in touch!

VENUE: Le Nereidi Eventi

ADDRESS: 8 Via Tuoro, Lone, SA 84011 Amalfi SA

PHONE: +39 089 831030

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