Couple Session in Sardinia

But first, let’s get to know each other!

We are Giuliano and Andrea, award-winning wedding photographer and filmmaker from Italy specialized in destination weddings and elopements with a documentary style. Our journey started in in 2020, and since then, our aim has been to narrate the tales of love through our lens with a beating heart and a soul. We hold a steadfast conviction in the magic of human connections, and the bond we’ll form with you will be a magnificent wellspring of motivation. Our simple philosophy is to capture genuine connections, raw emotions, and spontaneous gestures in an unobtrusively way. Think of us as two friends who will enjoy your big day through our camera lens. We view our work as a special moment of sharing, a demonstration of love and trust that will be cherished forever, and an opportunity to grow as professionals and, above all, as people.

We are members of the most important international associations and have won several awards!​


Why this free Shooting?

As a wedding photographer and filmmaker, it is not always possible to create a personalized couple session tailored around the couple and the place chosen for the shooting. This is exactly why we need a real couple! We want our photos and videos to reveal your love story, complicity, and intimacy. We aim to create a product that, starting in 2024, we will offer in our packages to the couples who will contact us.

What kind of couple are we looking for?

We are confident that, if you are reading this, you are already amongst the perfect couples we are lookinf for! Our ideal couple is one that cherishes their love and values our efforts. We’re seeking souls who are compassionate, unafraid to take risks, and love to explore. We want an adventurous pair who won’t mind waking up early and are willing to get a little messy for some incredible shots. Most importantly, we’re looking for a fun-loving duo with whom we can build a strong relationship, leading to natural and spontaneous moments.

What is included?

You won’t have to worry about anything except for buying your flight tickets. We’ll take care of everything else! We’ll arrange for a rental car to move around, and provide lunches and dinners (although we might have to have packed meals sometimes). We will book two comfortable hotel rooms, one for us and one for you, from 5th June to 8th June (3 nights). The best part? You’ll receive the final video and the edited photos for free.

Why whe choosed Sardinia?

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming sessions in various locations throughout Europe, including Iceland and Norway. We specifically selected Sardinia as one of our destinations because we have a strong desire to shoot by the sea, and Sardinia boasts one of the most stunning coastlines in the world. We are particularly excited to capture footage at “Piscina’s Dunes,” a breathtaking location with golden dunes reminiscent of a desert landscape.

What you will need to bring?

The couple we select will determine the attire required for the occasion. We want you to look your best without being too formal or too casual. If you have existing apparel, we can work with that, or we will provide suitable clothing for you. If you have any special accessories, please inform us beforehand. For the photo/video shoot, we will decide on the type of swimsuits you should bring. Additionally, you should bring all necessary items for a two-day stay at a beach resort, such as towels, slippers, and other essentials.

What will be our “action plan”?


Once we finalize the couple, we’ll create a timeline based on their arrival time in Sardinia. We will be present from June 5th onwards to complete the hotel check-in and pick up the rental car. Ideally, we aim to start the shoot on the 6th, and you could join us either on June 5th (no arrival time preferences) or 6th (you have to arrive in the early morning). On June 7th, we’ll dedicate the entire day to the photo session. By June 8th, we’ll wrap up and head back home. You can decide to book your return flight for this date but you could also decide to extend your stay here a little and take some well-deserved holidays!

5th June

We arrive in Sardinia! You can arrive on this day or on 6th early morning.

6th June

If you arrive on June 5th, we’ll be shooting from sunrise until sunset, with breaks in between. We’re not planning to shoot for 12 hours straight, but rather have three separate sessions – morning, afternoon, and sunset. However, if you arrive on June 6th in the early morning, we’ll start with the afternoon/sunset session.

7th June

Like the day before. We plan to begin our session early in the morning (probably on a beach), continue the session in the early afternoon (by the sea/underwater) and finish with the 3rd session during the sunset (Piscinas Dunes)

8th June

Time to say goodbye! You can decide to book your return flight for this date but you could also decide to extend your stay here a little and take some well-deserved holidays!

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