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Candid, Intimate, Spontaneous & Cinematic

Let’s face it, choosing the right photographer for your dream wedding in Italy can sometimes feel like you’re navigating through a minefield of distractions and offers.

Starting from the thousands of photographs you see on social media, it becomes challenging to identify a photographer with a style that matches your vision—be it traditional, candid, or photojournalistic. The difficulty only increases when trying to coordinate everything from a distance.

But imagine finding photographers who work throughout Italy, from Lake Como to Tuscany, from Amalfi to Puglia. Globally Award-Winning photographers who create wedding photography services across Italy, blending an authentic, modern, and unposed style with an editorial and cinematic flair. You want your wedding photos in Italy to be aesthetically breathtaking, enhancing all the details you’ve meticulously planned, and capturing the beauty of your chosen venue.

They should look like they’ve come straight off a film cover while still being authentic, telling the story of your celebration with spontaneous and natural scenes that reflect the joy and spirit of your guests.


1. Authentic Guests Perspectives
Choose a photographer who laughs, jokes, and celebrates with your guests, blending seamlessly into the festivities. This is the only way to capture your wedding from the unique perspective of your guests through candid and spontaneous shots.
2. Right Guidance at the Right Time

It’s crucial to know when to offer guidance for stunning shots. The expertise of a photographer ensures you look your best without feeling posed, capturing natural moments that highlight your joy and your beauty.

3. Details Matter

It’s essential to highlight not only the couple and guests but also to capture the intricate details and breathtaking locations of your wedding, whether it takes place at a historic villa or during a memorable party.

4. Experienced and Flexible Photography

Look for an experienced photographer adept at handling multicultural weddings and unexpected situations. Their flexibility and expertise will ensure smooth capturing of every precious moment, regardless of any challenges that may arise.

5. Distinctive Style and Post-Production

Your wedding is as unique as you are. An exclusive photography style and a strong emphasis on post-production it’s the key. The artistic touch in editing will enhance the beauty of your photos, creating a timeless collection that reflects your wedding’s essence.

So, understanding the benefits of having the right photographer for your wedding in Italy is one thing, but actually making that choice and enjoying the rewards is another. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you


I understand how finding the perfect photographer for your wedding in Italy can be a daunting task. You want someone who can effortlessly document the spontaneity of the celebration, capture the essence of every protagonist, and portray the couple in the most flattering way. It’s about creating images that are cinematic, editorial, and truly unique.

That’s why I founded my studio Giuliano Lo Re Photography where we specialize in doing just that. We are dedicated to capturing candid, heartfelt moments, ensuring that each photo reflects the genuine emotions and joy of your wedding day. We focus on the unique details and emotions that tell your love story in the most beautiful way.

We believe in the beauty of simplicity and strive to capture it in its truest form. We deeply cherish the power of human connection. It’s this belief that shapes our approach: the bond we forge with you becomes a rich source of inspiration, driving us to create images that are not only visually stunning but also emotionally resonant.

Want to see how we can transform your wedding into authentic and spectacular memories for you to cherish forever?


relive moments you didn't even realize

The foundation of our work is reportage photography. This approach allows us to capture as many emotions and moments as possible throughout your wedding day. When you look back at our photos, you'll notice and discover moments you may not have even realized were happening during the celebration.

Your pictures as if they're straight from a magazine

We craft an accurate narrative of everything that unfolds on your wedding day, capturing both the stunning scenery and heartfelt moments in the most aesthetic way possible. Each image is meticulously post-produced to enhance its beauty, ensuring that when you look at your photos, you’ll say, "Wow, what an incredible wedding we had!"

a non-stressful experience

From the moment you contact us until the final delivery of your photos, we strive to offer you an experience free of stress and worries. We understand that you have a lot on your mind, and we want to be a reliable support, not another concern. Our approach strikes the perfect balance between providing direction and leadership while allowing you to be creative and involved. Our team excels at thinking on their feet and finding solutions in stressful situations, ensuring everything runs smoothly. We're also there to offer calm and reassurance during moments of stress, making your experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.


HERe's what you get with our wedding packages

1.  Full Wedding Day Coverage
Up to 12 hours coverage with me and Francesca or me and one assistant capturing every precious moment. If you’re planning a rehearsal dinner either the day before or the day after your wedding, we’d be delighted to document this special part of your celebration as well.

2. Every Picture Edited

Based on the package you select, you will receive hundreds of high-resolution, fully edited images within six months. Additionally, we offer a Sneak Peek of 20 high-resolution, fully edited images within 48 hours, so you can relive some of those magical moments right away.

3. Aerial Photography

We capture your wedding with stunning aerial shots using a drone. You won’t want to miss the breathtaking view from above of your fabulous location in Italy!

4. Printed Album

You can choose from a wide range of albums. We offer various materials, including linen, cotton, fabric, and leather, in many colors. Additionally, you can request smaller albums to share with your families.

5. Private Online Gallery

You will have exclusive access to an online gallery with all your edited pictures for 12 months, allowing you to easily share your special moments with family and friends.


Please contact us to check our availability first. We typically receive requests at least a year in advance of the wedding date. However, if your date is approaching quickly, don't hesitate to reach out—we might still be able to accommodate you! Once we confirm availability, we'll send you detailed information about our packages, including all the services we offer and the final prices. We can also arrange a video call to answer any questions you may have and, most importantly, to get to know each other better.


Once you've confirmed us as your photographers, we will provide you with all the support and availability you need. If you wish, we can schedule additional calls to assist you with your wedding planning. Rest assured that after we establish the times we will arrive, you won't have to worry about a thing. We’ll handle everything to ensure your special day is captured beautifully and seamlessly.

STEP 3: It's your wedding day

It's your wedding or elopement day, and you should enjoy every moment to the fullest. We'll be your shadows, following you wherever you go and documenting all the special moments. We'll interfere as little as possible while still being a part of the celebration—treat us as if we're invited guests. If needed, we'll guide you to help capture those truly special photographs. We're here to make sure your memories are beautifully preserved without taking you away from the joy of the day.


A few months after your wedding, you'll receive a gallery with all the carefully selected and beautifully edited photos. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy them. You can choose to savor the moment alone with your partner and a glass of wine or invite your family and friends to laugh and cry together as you relive the memories.


If you ever return to Italy, please give us a call. If we’re available, we would be delighted to see you again and reminisce about your special day over an aperitif and a spritz.

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