Who are we?

We are a team of professional photographers, but even before that, we are a couple. We are close-knit, competitive with each other, and pay attention to all the details. We put our hearts before every shot to ensure the highest quality a wedding requires and to best capture those moments that will remind you and your children how unique your wedding was. Click HERE if you want to get to know us better!

What makes us different?

When it comes to your big day, you’ve put in a lot of time and effort to make it perfect. That’s why it’s important to choose a photographer who can capture all the little details, emotions, and atmosphere that make it memorable. We understand how nerve-wracking it can be to have a camera pointed at you, which is why our approach is natural, intimate, and spontaneous. We won’t make you pose for photos or take over the event. Instead, we’ll blend in with the crowd and capture the genuine emotions and moments as they happen. Of course, we’ll offer guidance when needed to achieve a certain effect or highlight a beautiful spot, but our goal is to be a supportive shoulder to lean on – not just “those guys with cameras.” In short, we’re more than just photographers – we’re your friends.

Do you photograph only in Tuscany?

Photography is an integral part of our lives and our human journey. It makes us travel a lot and rest little, bringing us a new story each day. We have two studios, one in South Italy and one in the North (Milano). We have weddings all over Italy, but we love to travel. In 2022 we photographed weddings in Switzerland. Piedmont, Trentino, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria, Liguria and Campania. And in 2023, our tour will become even more fun! More than photographers, we are two nomads!

Is it possible to have a pre wedding shooting?

Absolutely. What was called a pre-wedding a few years ago is now an “Engagement Shooting“. We love it because it is an opportunity to capture moments together outside the ceremony, where complicity blends into the everyday. Above all, we are free to choose a particular place, whether in the city, at the park, at the beach, or in the mountains.

What is your style?

Every wedding photographer has their own personal style and way of rendering it through images. Ours is a Wedding Reportage. Reportage, just like the ones we do when, as soon as the wedding season ends, we fly to India or Thailand! We tell all sides of your day in a natural and non-invasive way.

We tell the story of your day, trying to capture the emotions, natural moments, fleeting moments, expressions, smiles, and tears of you newlyweds and your guests in a discreet but participatory way; we get excited and become part of the celebration, but at the same time we remain invisible and omnipresent so as not to miss a single moment.

We don’t like posed photos but are ready to guide you (just a little) to enhance a particular place or light. We do not like prepackaged work and approach each photo shoot as the unique event it represents. We know that choosing a wedding photographer is almost more difficult than choosing your soul mate, so if you believe that experience and passion are the basis for something that lasts – and after all, you should if you’re getting married! – then trust us and our pictures.

Will you both photograph our wedding?

The wedding package and type of event play a key role in determining the photography requirements. As a professional, we always advise my clients to opt for a “second photographer” option for larger weddings. This helps us capture every single detail and moment, from different angles and locations. For instance, imagine the moment when the rings are exchanged. It is a crucial moment that needs to be captured, and with two photographers, we can simultaneously capture the emotions and expressions of both the bride and groom, and their families. This ensures that no moment is missed, and every memory is immortalized.

We truly appreciate your photojournalistic style, but we were wondering if it would be possible to also capture a few traditional shots with our parents and bridal party.

Absolutely, we’d be happy to! Capturing those traditional posed photos with your loved ones is a cherished memory that should never be overlooked, regardless of my usual photography style. We would never decline the opportunity to take these photos for you. While we don’t showcase them on our website or blog, it doesn’t mean we don’t take them. In fact, we welcome your input and would appreciate a list of the guests you’d like included in these photos.

When to book?

Providing a straight forward answer to this question is a bit challenging as the demand for wedding periods varies each year. We could say: Earlier is always better.

Speaking from our personal experience, if you have plans to tie the knot during the months of June or July on a weekend, it is advisable to reach out to us at least a year ahead of time. This way, we can work together to ensure your special day is well-planned and executed without any hiccups. Let’s chat soon!You have a better chance of finding us free by booking well in advance.

What about wedding albums?

At Giuliano Lo Re Photography, we only use wedding albums from Italian artisan companies to offer the highest quality and original products 100% MADE IN ITALY. We have several customization options, but what matters most in albums, as well as in our photographs, is naturalness. We have chosen to offer you albums made of delicate and elegant materials, such as linen, fabric, and wood.