Let’s get to know us


We are a couple in everyday life and at work. Giuliano from Campania and Francesca from Milan, we live in Milan but work as far as planes go. We share the same Apulian origins and love of food (we are constantly dieting, especially before wedding season!). Meditating every day for almost a year and a half has changed our lives and taught us gratitude. We are profoundly the same and just a little different. Giuliano likes movies and salty food, and Francesca likes music and sweets, but we would kill for peanut butter. If there is one thing that unites us most besides photography, it is travel. The one that makes you discover different cultures, opens your mind, improves you as a person, gets you lost in the streets of New Delhi and sailing on the Mekong.

Giuliano Lo Re

As a child, I would admire spellbound the slides my father took in Kenya and spend hours watching National Geographic documentaries. So there were two paths: becoming a photographer or an explorer. Then when I got my first camera in my teens, I realized that I may become Indiana Jones in the next life. In this one, I feel the thrill of telling the world, people, and their stories through my images every time. And I love to travel to do that. I was an Art Director in some major advertising agencies and spent 5 years in Switzerland. Then, at 27, I left a permanent job, returned to Italy, and became a documentary photographer (following some Doctors Without Borders projects in the field and pursuing some personal projects) and a wedding photographer. Telling weddings is telling authentic and genuine stories, capturing the atmosphere and places, and photographing those details that make them unique. Probably, the little Guliano who dreamed watching documentaries could not be happier. Because, at the end, with my camera, I became an explorer. However, if you’d like, I’ll tell you about the time I almost got lost in a swamp in Indonesian Borneo with half my body submerged in brown water (fortunately, it only occurred to me later in retrospect that that’s precisely what the pythons’ habitat is!).

Francesca Musarò

I was born in 1978 and began taking pictures with a compact camera bought with a bit of money, and I realized I loved photography in 2010 when I received my first SLR as a gift. I love folk music, dogs, hazelnut ice cream, the smell of burning wood, hugs, and my middle name, GIULIA, perhaps even more than my first. In 2018 I realized my first photographic exhibition, with a project done in the birthing room, Unconditional Loves. The collection took place in one of the largest hospitals in Milan and served to finance the neonatal intensive care unit. From this moment, I understand that photography can no longer be a pastime because it is necessary to photograph life to feel alive.

What people say?

We are so happy to have worked with Giuliano for our wedding photos. Giuliano and Francesca are such lovely people who made us feel so comfortable on our wedding day, and it shows in the photos, which have an amazing cinematic quality to them. They captured every romantic moment in our stunning venue, but also the full spectrum of the moods and moments of the day - the fun, the dancing, the silliness, the warm friendship between our families and friends - and all with beautiful artistry. We are thrilled and cannot recommend them enough.
Wedding in PAESTUM
Francesca and Giuliano were one of the best choices of our day. From the first contact, they have shown incredible professionalism but are always accompanied by total availability and kindness that we are no longer used to receiving. On the wedding day, they were always present yet at the same time absolutely discreet. They conquered all the guests with their cheerfulness and sympathy. We have received so many compliments that we turn to them because they deserve it. Now that we have received the photos (moreover, in a short time), we can only confirm how much professionalism and skill are behind their souls. Even in post-production and the months following the wedding, they have always been more than friendly and super helpful, even beyond what was due. It was like having two more friends on our day, and it was great for us to meet you. We advise everyone to choose them, not only for the beautiful photos they took of us but because everyone realized how much heart they put into it, an added value that is disappearing while they constantly emanate it
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