A Tuscany Dream Wedding for every Photographer

Choosing the pictures to publish in this gallery was extremely difficult because this was a very special wedding in a very special region (maybe the most beautiful in Italy): Tuscany. Before leaving you with the photos, however, we would like to introduce you to them, Ilaria and Dario and to explain why their wedding was a dream for two photographers like us.

Ilaria & Dario

It was the end of June when Ilaria asked us to be the photographers of her Tuscany Wedding and we couldn’t believe it. Just us? Ilaria is an extraordinary photographer, full of talent and passion. Hers are among the most beautiful couple and maternity photos we’ve ever seen and receiving such an important task was an immense honor for us.

We imagined this wedding for a whole year and dreamed about it. And, it was absolutely crazy! It was a very sweet, special woman that a very sweet and special man chose as his wife. He was a valley of tears, of very intense emotions, of fantastic friends who are family. It was a wonderful family that speaks the language of love, that sings and plays, that dances, that hugs each other. It was a perfect location, in a fabulous place, with perfect weather, after a rainy evening in which we washed, laughed, photographed and cried. It was a 91-year-old grandmother with skin as soft as a peach who tells everyone that the credit goes to the Nivea cream that you buy at the supermarket and should be applied morning and night. It was a 94-year-old grandfather who, sketching a dance, crossed the nave of the Church, to carry the wedding rings to the altar with eyes full of emotion.

It was the sax, the energy of a tireless brother, the letters, the toasts, the memory of a trip and much, much more. It was too much love. Thanks Ilaria and Dario. For choosing us, for giving us such an incredible Tuscany Wedding, and for greeting us with a promise. We love you, infinitely.

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