Destination Wedding Photographers in Italy

We are Giuliano & Francesca, we are travelers and we love adventures. That’s the reason why we are wedding photographers. After all, what you are about to experience, is it not one of the most beautiful adventures of your life? We love spontaneity and naturalness, smiles, tears, so forget posed and staged pictures.

We belong to the most important wedding associations and, don't tell anyone, our photos have traveled more than we have!!!

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Our approach is centered around capturing genuine moments that are full of emotion. We strive to find those candid shots that convey a story and evoke a feeling. Our approach is unobtrusive but not invisible. Our presence may go unnoticed, but we are always there. To capture authentic emotions, we immerse ourselves in the moment and experience them deeply. Therefore, we believe that the best way to capture the true essence of a wedding is to be a part of it, both mentally and emotionally.

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As Destination Wedding Documentary Photographers, our primary aim is to capture the essence of your big day by immortalizing your emotions, moments, and expressions, along with those of your loved ones. While you are undoubtedly the star of the show, we understand that a wedding is a culmination of countless stories, and we strive to capture them all. Therefore, we take pride in mingling with your guests and documenting their experiences, as they are an integral part of your wedding. Our photographs encapsulate not just your tale, but the tale of everyone present at the event.

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Giuliano and Francesca are absolutely incredible. From the beginning, I knew they would be perfect in style and spirit to describe and narrate our wedding. They were professional, friendly, and non-invasive in taking photos but captured every moment of our day. The pictures are absolutely spectacular. They tell a story. It’s not those posed photos but expressive ones where you feel the atmosphere. Giuliano and Francesca captured emotions, not just moments. If you are looking for amazing photographers: look no further.