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We are Giuliano & Francesca

We are travelers and we love adventures; that’s the reason why we are wedding photographers. After all, what you are about to experience, is it not one of the most beautiful adventures of your life? We love spontaneity and naturalness, smiles, tears, so forget posed and staged pictures.

We cherish genuine photographs that convey the essence of you, your love, and the joy and emotions experienced on your unforgettable day. We shy away from contrived poses and the monotonous succession of group photos; our purpose is to encapsulate the spirit of every moment with spontaneity and authenticity.

Genuine and unscripted Wedding pictures

What set us apart

First and foremost, we understand the discomfort that can arise from being the focus of a camera lens. This is precisely why our approach to capturing your wedding revolves around natural, intimate, and spontaneous photography.

We steer clear of staged photos, yet we do not limit ourselves to capturing moments only when you’re unaware. Instead, we allow the day’s events and the surge of emotions to guide us, striving to blend into the background while also feeling like part of the celebration. At the core of our photographic philosophy is the recognition of how crucial it is for you to feel at ease in front of the camera.

We are committed to a style that celebrates authenticity, aiming to capture the essence and spontaneity of your wedding. We mingle among your guests to capture genuine, intimate moments without imposing poses, yet providing gentle direction when needed. Our mission is to depict your special day through photographs that resonate with the love, joy, and distinctiveness of your union, always with a keen eye for the details and emotions that define your relationship.

Rather than viewing us merely as photographers, we hope you’ll see us as companions on this extraordinary journey, dedicated to telling your love story with empathy and tact.

choose us only if

  • If you imagine your wedding photos capturing not just the essence of your special day, but also the joy and spirit of the locations, the guests, and the entire celebration.
  • If the thought of being photographed makes you uneasy, yet you yearn for images that genuinely reflect your emotions in their truest form.
  • If you desire a photographer who encourages natural poses, strays from conventional styles, and effortlessly brings out your confidence and uniqueness.
  • If you value the art of photography and are selecting a photographer not just to follow tradition, but to truly capture the essence of your day.
  • If you seek a photographer who fosters natural expressions, breaks away from the conventional, and effortlessly accentuates your individuality and confidence.
  • If posed photographs are not to your liking, rest assured, they are not our preference either. We will never prompt you to strike an artificial pose or mimic a gesture. Should you encounter any of our more directed shots, know that they stem from moments of genuine connection and intimacy, allowing even the most posed-looking photos to originate from natural and authentic interactions.

Professional but not stiff

We approach every wedding with the dedication and commitment as if it were our life’s calling and purpose. We deeply cherish the power of human connection. It’s this belief that shapes our approach: the bond we forge with you becomes a rich source of inspiration, driving us to create images that are not only visually stunning but also emotionally resonant.

We immerse ourselves in the emotions and dynamics of each event, because this deep engagement allows us to capture the true essence of every wedding. Our approach is professional yet flexible; we laugh, joke, and celebrate with the guests as if we were members of the family and friends ourselves.

And believe me, if during a speech you glance at Francesca, it’s likely you’ll catch her wiping away tears from behind her camera.

As professionals, we have been recognized with international awards and rank among the Top 100 wedding photographers globally. However, beyond our accolades, we are human beings first, driven by a passion that prioritizes heart and soul above all else. 



Our style embodies reportage, aiming to capture not only your emotions, moments, smiles, and tears but also those of everyone around you. We blend seamlessly with you and your guests, moving as though we are part of the crowd.

While we strive to be unobtrusive and omnipresent, we do not hide or take photos covertly. We believe that truly capturing the essence of a wedding requires living it and syncing with its atmosphere, immersing ourselves fully to document its authenticity.

We pursue elegance and seek out the beauty in tears and smiles alike. We are drawn to the subtle yet significant details, the interplay of light, the composition, and those fleeting moments where everything aligns perfectly in a fraction of a second.

Our studio is based in Milan, yet our photography takes us across Italy, from the Dolomites to Sicily. We are travelers at heart, even before being photographers, and are excited to discuss capturing your most beautiful day, whether in the most remote or exotic locations worldwide.




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Finalist of Best Revelation Photographer in the World


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2023 Choice Award Winner


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For those seeking extraordinary, congenial, and innovative photographers who can make you feel completely relaxed, Giuliano and Francesca should be your top picks. Not only are they remarkable professionals in their field but also delightful individuals. Their style is top-notch, filled with a plethora of creative concepts that instantly win your heart.

Post July 22nd, our minds were consumed by their astounding work ethic; having now viewed the captured images, we are more convinced than ever that selecting them was the best decision we could have made. The potency of their photographs lies in their ability to resurrect the myriad emotions experienced on that day – they act as artistic expressions radiating love, joy and passion! On viewing the preview created by them as well; words fail to express our gratitude towards them – tears of joy seem to be our only response!

Francesca & Silvio